• Barbara, Founder

    Hello, my name is Barbara and I am the founder of Green Dog Sustainable Shop.
    While I already sewed a lot alongside my Egyptology studies in Vienna, I then continued my path at the Fashion College in Herbstrasse. Initiated by my partner and numerous friends, Green Dog was born there - a shop for dog coats and accessories with a focus on upcycling and sustainability .
    In the summer of 2021, the first products found their new owners. With the help of the family senior dog "Albert", the first dog coat prototypes began to be developed at the same time. After another grueling year of training at fashion school (the women's clothing master class), I am now keen to develop new products and perfect the existing ones.

  • Senior "Berti"

    Hello, my name is Albert, I'm 16 years old and I come from a camp in Serbia. From there I was rescued and have been living with Barbara & her family for more than 9 years now. Life as a pensioner in the garden became too boring for me in the long run, so I applied to Barbara as a model . I know she needs help and I get more attention, treats and an interesting activity. With my sweet saucer eyes, I dream of maybe becoming an Instagram star.

  • New arrival "Nova"

    Hello, my name is "Nova", I'm about 1 1/2 years old and I'm the new arrival of Barbara & her family. I come from Croatia and have been living in Vienna since January 2023. You will see a lot of me here in the online shop in the future as soon as I've really settled in.

  • Handmade in Vienna

    All Green Dog products are made by the founder Barbara in Vienna.

  • Customized products

    All dog coats are customized to your dog. In order for the coat to fit perfectly, you need to measure your dog!

  • love for dogs

    We love dogs and that's why all products are tested several times before they are available in our online shop.

  • Upcycling & Recycling

    We have specialized in making raincoats for dogs from special materials such as parachutes and camping tent tarps.

Trash to treasure: dog raincoats made from used  parachutes!

We sew water-repellent dog coats from used parachutes. The material is very soft and light and therefore suitable for dog raincoats.

We transform camping tent tarpaulins to dog raincoats!

We also use used camping tent tarps for dog raincoats: the thin tarps (which are on the outside of the tent and are water-repellent) are perfect for dog coats. The camping tent tarps are available in different thicknesses and colors, all tarps we use are super light.

Warming dog coats made from scraps of fabric and quilted fabrics

For the warming dog coats, we mainly use fabric leftovers. For the water-repellent quilted coat, the founder Barbara makes the quilted material herself.

Product Testing

All products & materials are tested by different dogs (breeds). Only when our four-legged friends like the materials and products are they included in our shop.

(On the left side: Green Dog member Nova with the paraglider cords, on the right side: Ben with a parachute and on the bottom right Stig with the parachute coat at the photo shoot)

Treat bags are also very important!

Our new product are the upcycling treat bags.

The bags are available in two different materials: used camping tent tarps and used paraglider.

Both materials are extremely robust. All treat bags are water-repellent!

What does "custom made dog clothing" mean?

In order to get a coat that fits your dog perfectly, you must first measure your dog using the appropriate instructions. Then the individual sewing pattern for the coat is made by the founder Barbara.

The sewing pattern is made in about 10-20 minutes, then it is time to cut the fabric and sew the coat! A sewing pattern is also made for the treat bags (see photo below right).

Sustainable & modern dog leashes, collars & bandanas

For our dog leashes, collars & bandanas we use fabrics & accessories from small companies! As we are a small start-up we only have 2-3 fabrics in stock for these products. If you would like a different fabric, you are always welcome to write to us by email or on social media!